Speciality Graphite Materials

The grades of our speciality graphite

 We leverage our long experience in the processing of artificial graphite for the making of high quality Specialty grades for other demanding applications.

Synthetic graphite has been produced at CARBONE SAVOIE for more than 50 years, starting from a mix of coke filler and pitch binder to produce green blocks formed by extrusion and further processed into graphite through baking and graphitization (up to 3000 °C). After these operations, graphitized blocks are machined, inspected, packaged and shipped.

The whole manufacturing process is integrated in our French plant located in Notre-Dame de Briançon, Savoie.  All the processes of the making of the graphite, from the reception of the raw materials from highly qualified suppliers to sales and delivery are in compliance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 standards. 

Carbone Savoie’s excellence includes the development of the process and the different grades of graphite speciality in its R&D center, the process control, the trace-ability and the quality control of the products.

 Specifically engineered for high performance, our Specialty Graphite portfolio offers customers a full range of material properties, providing a solution for nearly all highly demanding applications requiring High Strength, Electrical & Thermal Conductivity, Chemical Inertness, Low Thermal Expansion at High Temperature up to 2500°C; with reliability and durability.

(Our specialty graphite portfolio offers customers a full range of material properties and design flexibility that provide optimal solutions for a wide range of applications.)

The maximal size of the grains goes from fine to medium and coarse (0.8mm, 2mm and 5mm).  Different dimensions of stocks can be provided up to 520x710x3900 mm.

The Graphite Specialty grades of Carbone Savoie are machined by the best machine shops in the world to be delivered to hundreds of customers worldwide for speciality graphite applications as demanding as Thermal Processing, Hard Metals and Cutting Tools, Oil & Gas and Energy market, Solar/Photovoltaic, Electronic/Semiconductor, Metallurgy and Electrometallurgy, Chemical market, Aerospace, Transportation, Defense, Anticorrosion equipments, Nuclear, Glass, Quartz, Ceramics & Refractories, Powder Metallurgy, Carbon Fibers, etc…

Regardless of your product design phase (concept, prototyping, or mass production), we offer technical answers to some of your most challenging problems with a fast response time.

We relentless improve our speciality graphite products and processes.  We continuously explore new applications and new markets to develop new products for different usages.  Our experts conduct the qualification process in these developments together with our customers.

 Carbone Savoie offers several grades of Specialty Graphite materials to meet the requirements of a variety of applications. Our blocks are manufactured using different primary graphite materials and with different sizes of grains and processing conditions to give them each their own properties.


G1: The G1 grade is a product designed for the most demanding graphite speciality applications.  This block is characterised by its high density, high mechanical resistance and low ash content.  It is highly resistant to thermal shocks and oxidation.

G2: The G2 grade is intended for standard applications.  This product is the densest in our entire catalogue.  It is highly resistant to thermal shocks and oxidation.

G4: The main characteristic of the G4 grade is that it has a low thermal expansion coefficient for applications that require this.

G4X: The G4X grade is a higher density version of the G4 for increased mechanical resistance.

A variety of grades suited to all kinds of specialty graphite applications 

specialty graphite materials

The formats of our Specialties Graphite

Carbone Savoie can offer many sizes and shapes of blocks to suit the various needs of our clients.


The shapes of graphite speciality

Carbone Savoie offers rectangular and round shapes of speciality graphite products.


Dimensions - cross-sections of our graphite specialty

Carbone Savoie offers blocks in the following sizes and cross sections:


Round or rectangular shapes, many sizes

speciality graphite

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Carbone Savoie is a French expert in artificial graphite. It manufactures cathode products for the aluminimum industry, graphite anode materials for li-ion batteries, powders for lubricants and specialty graphite materials.