Joint research


We combine our skills and our expertise in artificial graphite with those of our clients and partners to innovate and improve our joint competitiveness.
We offer ways of developing together new solutions beyond what is in our product catalogue in terms of:

  • Productivity and cost-cutting for our clients
  • Carbon and graphite products adapted to the client’s needs

  • Assembly design to make products more energy-efficient

We are currently focusing on a few applications including R&D services for graphite powders, which can be used for anode materials for li-ion batteries.

Shared innovation

Technical Assistance Department


Carbone Savoie offers a ranges of services for the aluminium industry.

We work with our clients in using our synthetic graphite solutions throughout the life cycle of products, drawing on experienced specialists. 

  • Audits and consultancy
  • Aluminium electrolysis cells’ autopsies

  • Modelling
  • Product analysis (e.g. R&D services for graphite powders)
  • Organising technical seminars and training etc.

On-site technical visits by experienced specialists

Laboratory Tests


Depending on your company’s profile and the nature of your project, cooperation with our pilot laboratory can take on various forms:

  • A joint development partnership for products, feature testing

  • Carbon and graphite product analysis services in our pilot laboratory

  • Product analysis services at our partner’s

  • Research into new solutions for our partner or Carbone Savoie

  • Supervising internships and theses etc.

  • Supplying carbon and graphite materials

  • Use of our special tools: shaping, thermal processing, mechanical tests, temperature tests and electrolysis tests etc.

Testing synthetic graphite formulation in our pilot factory

Our company


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R&D services for graphite powders

Carbone Savoie is a French expert in artificial graphite and carbon. It manufactures primarly cathode products for the aluminimum industry, carbon and graphite powdersspecialty graphite materials and provides R&D services for graphite powders. It has 2 locations in Savoie and Rhône.