Our Values


Our primary concern is to maintain the health and safety of all our staff and we make every effort to reduce any negative impacts on society and the environment.

Members of staff, the management and share-holders work together to ensure Carbone Savoie’s continued growth. Motivational profit-sharing mechanisms have been set up so that everyone benefits from the company’s success

Carbone Savoie

120 years of expertise, precision and excellence


Carbone Savoie employees are constantly seeking to improve and progress.

Every day, technical staff strive to create and innovate to come up with greener and more efficient solutions that can be easily integrated into our clients’ environments.

Every day, our manufacturing teams prove their agility and strive to improve working methods to ensure Carbone Savoie stays one step ahead of the competition in artificial graphite formulation and manufacturing.

Carbone Savoie has a world-renowned Research and Development centre to support its innovation effort


Carbone Savoie works in the processing industry. The quality and characteristics of our products depend on hundreds of parameters that have to be meticulously controlled throughout the long manufacturing chain. We strive for excellence through a culture of high standards and precision at all times.

Our clients’ expectations are constantly changing and increase every day. The very high standards maintained by Carbone Savoie’s employees has enabled the company to keep up with client demands and supply graphite blocks and graphite powders  that match their expectations to the letter.


We know that we face international competition and that our survival depends on our commitment, our high-quality standards and our ability to constantly move forward to propose the best speciality graphite blocks.

Carbone Savoie employees are determined to ensure their company’s growth and to adapt to an ever-changing world in order to promote French industrial expertise and maintain industry-based jobs close to home.


of sales revenue in export

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