Over the last 120 years, Carbone Savoie has developed unique skills and expertise in the field of carbon and artificial graphite. We cover a sector ranging from natural, primary carbon, or carbon created through various industrial processes, through to supervising our clients’ use of our products. We have developed and enhanced our control of all the intermediate steps of our production process through regular and sustained investment in Research and Development.

Carbone Savoie has always focused on the needs of our clients and on improving their performance. We offer services ranging from technical support to full collaboration so that together we can develop solutions that add value for our clients. This is achieved through:

  • the bespoke design of carbons and synthetic graphites to suit our clients’ needs. We offer a choice of grades of products, from design to assembly, so as to optimise performances, in particular energy efficiency,

  • specific product analysis using our equipment, such as graphite materials for battery

  • training sessions on how to use our products

  • product upgrades to incorporate improvements and limit impacts on work stations and the environment.


Here are some recent examples of innovation created by Carbone Savoie:

  • taking to market a graphite block presenting very specific physiochemical properties and assuring our clients’ high performance in the various application fields.

  • being the first manufacturer in the world to offer a 100% green ramming paste, eliminating an impact on health discovered during the use of the product by our clients.

  • creating a new technical solution for assembly in order to significantly reduce energy consumption.

The two mainstays of Carbone Savoie’s strategy are innovation and competitiveness


research partnerships in progress

dedicated engineers and technicians

million euros - our annual budget


sales revenue invested in R&D


Carbone Savoie has an experienced Research and Development team of 22 engineers and technicians which is constantly increasing its scientific knowledge in order to develop innovative and efficient carbon and graphite solutions for tomorrow.

A Research and Development team comprising 22 engineers and technicians


Carbone Savoie invests 2% of its sales revenue in research and development. To improve efficiency, Carbone Savoie has installed its Research and Development team in the same building as a pilot factory. This means we can test and improve ideas drawn up by our experts straight away before launching industrial tests.

To do this, Carbone Savoie’s Research and Development laboratory is fitted with modelling tools and standard and highly-specialised measuring equipment that is adapted to our clients’ usage conditions such as temperature or, if necessary, under electrolysis: thermo-electric and fracture mechanics properties among others.

Research partnerships

Our Research and Development staff work in partnership with our clients’ R&D centres and with leading universities in France and abroad on continual and breakthrough innovation projects. The R&D teams has joined competitiveness hubs in order to constantly add to its expertise and and to benefit from advances in the worlds of science and industry.

And we regularly take part in and promote international conferences, both industrial and scientific. Our engineers are regularly asked to work jointly with the best laboratories and research institutes in the world in the field of carbon and artificial graphite.

Lastly, Carbone Savoie is supervising the research work of a PhD student.

Carbone Savoie has a portfolio of four patents used around the world


In our processing industry, the R&D department is now the main point of entry for our young engineers who then go on to fill production supervision roles. If you would like to join us, please feel free to apply via this website in the « Careers » section.

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