The document Performances of green and eco-friendly ramming pastes in EGA pots has been presented at ICSOBA 2015 in Dubai. This publication is the result of a collaboration between the group & technology provider Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) and Carbone Savoie. The environmental and health benefits, the characteristics of clean ramming paste and their performance in tanks are developed in this paper, download it!


Consistent and high quality ramming paste products, installed according to optimised procedures, are required for improved operation and longer pot life. However, ramming paste used to be a hazardous product and needed special precautions for handling and application. A 100 % eco-friendly cold ramming paste has been developed by Carbone Savoie and tested at Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) sites. A test has also been developed by Carbone Savoie to follow-up, identify and quantify emissions during the baking of paste up to 1 000 °C. Physico-chemical characteristics of various pastes are presented in the attached docuement,  together with their composition in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and volatile organic compounds (VOC), determined by an accredited laboratory and the results of emissions during paste baking. The results of pot operation at the EGA sites show no harmful impact on pot preheat, early operation or regular operation performance. Pot performance data are given for comparison. The new eco-friendly ramming paste offers a green and clean alternative to harsh chemicals typically associated with the industry.

Download the document.