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Carbone Savoie designs and manufactures synthetic carbon and graphite for various applications. During the manufacturing process, we cut and machine our products so that they are the right size to meet our clients’ needs.

And during this process, we generate carbon and graphite dust and machine shavings which are collected in special hoppers. The production waste is then taken away, ground down and re-injected into our production process. We are currently making great efforts to improve our carbon footprint even more in terms of materials and are moving towards zero waste. Our aim is that within five years 100% of the raw material we buy in from outside and process in our plants is sold on to our clients.

We currently upgrade 90% of our waste in the following ways:

  • reusing material (wood, metal, big bag)

  • recovering energy for use as a combustible in cement works or a heat-recovery incinerator (lining and soiled packaging etc.)

ISO 14001 Certification

Environmental Management



Carbone Savoie sees its mission as being to develop ever cleaner products in terms of their production and ever safer products in terms of their use by our clients.

For example, six years ago Carbone Savoie committed to developing pitch-free carbon products. After having developed, tested and marketed a new kind of 100% clean lining paste, Carbone Savoie decided that, in a spirit of citizenship, it would cease all production of pitch-based lining paste from January 1, 2018, and only offer our clients 100% clean lining pastes.

Carbone Savoie is continuing in its efforts to research and develop products in a similar vein. We have set up many industrial partnerships with clients to enable us to speed up the roll-out of a number of clean solutions designed by our staff.



Carbone Savoie makes carbon and graphite products for a variety of uses. The manufacturing process consumes energy, particularly during the baking and graphitisation stages.


That is why Carbone Savoie has committed itself to a continual improvement process in terms of energy efficiency by incorporating an ISO 50001 energy management system. Our aim is to reduce our energy consumption by 5% by 2021.

To reach this goal, we consider the energy implications of everything we do. The aim of reducing consumption is incorporated into all our initiatives from designing products in Research and Development to the choice of equipment suppliers in new engineering projects.

To ensure we continue to make progress, we track our energy efficiency using monthly indicators. These indicators have already shown a net improvement since we launched this initiative at the end of 2016.

ISO 50001 Certification

Energy management



Carbone Savoie is committed to using the best technology around


The processing of gas emitted during baking has traditionally been carried out using a system of electrofilters which we have gradually replaced at the Vénissieux plant by Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO).

In 2013, Carbone Savoie invested €14 B in a new RTO system which, single-handedly, processes the emissions from four kilns and is recognised as the best technique available. The project took five years including 18 months’ construction. These measures have led to a significant reduction in emissions which are now four times lower than permitted levels. The impact of our efforts on the urban environment has been picked up by Air Rhône-Alpes sensors.


Thanks to these initiatives, we are reducing our environmental impact on water, waste and the air year after year. To measure our progress, we voluntarily commissioned an independent laboratory to carry out more than 1,500 controls and measurements of our waste and our energy consumption.

Because at Carbone Savoie we take waste recycling very seriously. We manage more than 20 different categories of waste (compared to three or four for households) and we have set up a centralised, in-house  waste collection process, specialist partnerships, staff awareness programmes and in-house verification audits.

Examples of initiatives rolled out to reduce waste: Carbone Savoie has chosen to work with a service-provider to ensure rags are washed and reused. This cuts out six tonnes of waste every year.

Independent bodies check 793 control parameters


The water we consume passes through cooling circuits and is then sent on to treatment plants.


Almost 90% of waste from our Notre-Dame-de-Briançon plant is recycled into the production process. The remaining 10% is treated and upgraded at specialist centres.


We monitor our atmospheric emissions. We have thermal oxidation systems in action at both our plants.

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