Semi-graphitic, graphitic and graphitized cathodic products

Cathodic products for aluminium industry

Carbone Savoie has an extensive range of cathodic solutions to improve potlining of electrolysis pot quality and to meet the requirements of clients across the aluminium technology spectrum.

Carbone Savoie supplies  different grades of Carbon and Graphite products to improve efficiency of the electrolysis pot


Our amorphous carbon bottom blocks

HC3: semi-graphitic carbon blocks containing 30% graphite

HC5: semi-graphitic cathode blocks containing 50% graphite

HC10: graphitic bottom blocks containing 100% graphite

cathodic products

Our graphite cathode blocks

We offer a wide range of electrical conductivity required in various aluminium technologies:

K: anisotropic graphite block

D: high-density isotropic graphitized block

M: Graphite block

Option 1: Impregnated graphitized block for enhanced durability option

Option 8: Graphitized block with low electrical resistivity (8 μΩm) for reduced CVD

bottom blocks

Our High Performance Cathode Assembly solution - HPCA

Carbone Savoie empower industry and people to imagine, invent and deliver disruptive solutions that advance sustainability in domains as resources and energy for the long term in Aluminium production.

There is a new recent interest emerging from the aluminium smelters about the replacement of cast-iron sealing for cathode collector bars, linked to operational and organizational considerations as well as to technical optimization of the current distribution in the pot, with new collector bar designs.

One of the main developments is the High-Performance Cathode Assemblies (HPCA) produced in collaboration with Metsol. The contact between cathode block and collector bars in the relining is done with clean sealing paste, together with electrically compensating plates and contact plugs to improve current distribution and enhance vertical current in carbon blocks or graphite blocks

preshaped sidewalls
preformed sidewalls


Carbone Savoie offers different grades and shapes of electrolysis pot sides.

Our preformed sidewalls and preshaped sidewalls adapt to the various thermal conductivity requirements of aluminium plants, thus enabling us to optimise the thermal balance of the reduction pot and ensure the right depth of aluminium pot bath.


ramming paste


Carbone Savoie offers several shapes and dimensions for electrolysis pot sides, from the simplest parallelepiped to trapezoidal shapes and tiles for precast sides.

Precast sides consist of replacing part of the ramming paste with baked carbon parts. Carbone Savoie can deliver preshaped composite sidewalls; we assemble the carbon blocks and SiC tiles with our AD20 glue.

Carbone Savoie is qualified to supply electrolysis pot sides for AP, EGA and Hydro technologies

eco-friendly ramming paste
gluing of cathodes

ramming pastes for potlining

Carbon paste is an essential component in the construction of an electrolysis cell and is an important factor in a electrolysis pot’s performance and durability. The know-how that Carbone Savoie has acquired and the research projects we have carried out jointly with our clients means Carbone Savoie now sets the industry standard in ramming paste.

We are the first producers of a new generation of clean ramming pastes – one that is 100% clean.

Our eco-friendly ramming paste contains no toxic products. This clean ramming paste ensure a risk-free working environment for those that make them and those that use them in the potlining process.  They can also be recycled like ordinary waste.

The technical features of our pastes guarantee our clients optimum electrolysis pot ramming and performance conditions; they are easy to place and offer the widest ramming temperature window on the market (10 – 50°C). And they have positive global expansion during baking to ensure the pot tightness.

Three ramming paste grades are available: NeO², CleO² and IdeO², offering three different levels of thermal conductivity to suit the required thermal balance of the pot.

preheating grains

First supplier of  100% clean ramming pastes

cathodes products for the aluminium industry
cathode sealing


We offer additional products for the potlining and pre-heating of aluminium electrolysis cells.

Complete solutions for your potlining


Cathode sealing paste

We offer 100% clean sealing paste: HCF80²

This paste is used to assemble the cathode and the conductor bars.

Our HCF80² offers a competitive, clean and robust alternative to smelt sealing.


  • Competitiveness

  • Safe and without danger: The paste is made with a clean binding and the risk arising from smelting fusion is eliminated.
  • Robust: similar effectiveness to smelt sealing thanks to its low resistivity and improved block-conductor bar contact.



Our AD20 glue can be used to glue cathodes with the steel bars.

AD20 gluing of cathode dries at room temperature in 24 hours and maintains its adhesive properties up to 1,000°C.


Pre-heating grains

We offer various grades of grains for pre-heating pots. These preheating grains offers various resistivity and texture to meet client expectations.

cathodes products
electrolysis pot

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cathode products for the aluminium industry

Carbone Savoie is a French expert in synthetic graphite (i.e. artificial graphite) and carbon. It manufactures primarly cathode products for the aluminimum industry, carbon and graphite powders, and other anode materials for li-ion batteries, powders for lubricants and specialty graphite materials. It has 2 locations in Savoie and Rhône.