Carbon and graphite powders


Carbon Powders

Our product catalogue includes carbon powders. We offer a wide range of grades with several levels of purity and grain size.


graphite powder for batteries

Graphite powders

We use our graphite expertise to create quality graphite grains with stable properties.


anode material for li-ion batteries

Our graphite powder comes in big bags, in 25 kg bags or in tanker trucks.


Graphite powders for li-ion batteries

Carbone Savoie is working on the mobility of the future with synthetic graphite solution for the more and more demanding battery sector for electrical vehicles and energy storage.

Carbone Savoie develops graphite powders for specific use as anode material for Lithium-ion batteries

Such powders require a more complex manufacturing process to obtain the specified properties needed for this application: a consistent quality, a low level of metallic impurities, an excellent electrical conductivity, a low surface area (BET), a high crystallinity (Lc, d002) and a mastered grain size distribution.

carbon powder
carbon powder

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graphite powders

Carbone Savoie is a French expert in synthetic graphite and carbon. It manufactures primarly cathode products for the aluminimum industry, graphite powders and carbon powders and specialty graphite materials.