Lining of aluminum electrolysis


There is a growing demand for aluminium, a metal presenting a unique combination of properties: it is light, mechanically resistant, rust resistant, it displays conductivity and ductility and it is recyclable so it can be used in growth sectors such as transport, construction and packaging etc.

million tonnes of aluminium are used around the world

aluminium smelting
lining of aluminium electrolysis
aluminium smelter


Carbone Savoie is a major supplier to the primary aluminium industry; we supply aluminium smelters around the world. Carbone Savoie was originally in the Pechiney Group and has therefore products that are particularly suited with Aluminium Pechiney technology (AP technology).  

Our graphitized sidewalls, our cathodes, our ramming and sealing pastes, our glue and our grains are products used in the pot lining for aluminum electrosysis.

We have an extensive range of products to meet the requirements of clients across the aluminium smelting technology spectrum:

  • carbon and graphitized cathodes
  • tiles and precast tiles
  • green ramming pastes
  • glue and sealing paste
  • pre-heating pellets
aluminium smelter
aluminium smelting

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