Synthetic graphite expertise

Carbone Savoie is an expert in synthetic graphite and carbon

Innovation in artificial graphite

Innovation at the core of Carbone Savoie’s strategy for artificial graphite products.

Human capital

Carbone Savoie’s success is founded on the expertise and commitment of all who work for us

Carbone Savoie has an extensive range of cathodes to meet the requirements of clients across the aluminium technology spectrum.

Carbone Savoie offers several grades of speciality graphite blocks to meet the requirements of a variety of applications.

Carbone Savoie manufactures powders such as graphite anode materials for li-ion batteries and graphite powders for lubricants.

We combine skills and expertise in artificial graphite to help clients and partners improve their competitiveness.

synthetic graphite

Innovation and competitiveness are the two mainstays of Carbone Savoie’s strategy 

Carbone Savoie is known for the excellence of its synthetic graphite products and for placing innovation at the core of its research.

Our focus: our clients’ needs and improving their performance.

Research & Development

A team of 22 engineers and technicians


Carbone Savoie invests 2% of its revenues in research and development.

Research partnerships

Carbone Savoie has a portfolio of four patents used around the world to protect its articificial graphite products

  • Upgrading 90% of our waste 

  • Developing clean and innovative products

  • Reducing our energy consumption

  • Using the best technology around

Carbone Savoie, the expert of carbon and synthetic graphite

Designer and manufacturer of carbon and synthetic graphite materials for all applications.

Two production sites and an R&D centre


Fields of use for our synthetic graphite and carbon products.


Carbone Savoie is a major supplier of cathodes for the primary aluminium industry. We supply aluminium to electrolysis plants throughout the world.


Graphite specialities are used for a wide range of varied and challenging applications including aviation, semi-conductors, energy and transport.


Global demand for batteries is growing rapidly. Synthetic graphite powder is used in anode material for li-ion batteries.


Carbone Savoie is a leading supplier of carbon and graphite powder for recarburants.


Solid synthetic graphite can be used in many lubricant applications. Carbone Savoie guarantees the purity and stability of its artificial graphite.


Carbone Savoie is developing an electrode paste that meets the high environmental quality standards of the ferroalloy industry.


Our primary concern is the health and safety of all our colleagues

Safety at work

Our primary responsibility to our employees is to guarantee them a safe and secure work environment


An ambitious investment policy to optimise, modernise, computerise and improve


Carbone Savoie has been making carbon and synthetic graphite for more than 100 years

Development of a Clean Sealing Paste (HCF8O²) and High Performance Cathode Assembly with Improved Electrical Properties (HPCA)

Development of a Clean Sealing Paste (HCF8O²) and High Performance Cathode Assembly with Improved Electrical Properties (HPCA)

Carbone Savoie has developed a new sealing paste in order to substitute coal tar pitch binder pitch and suppress all hazards linked to the PAH components. The electrical resisivity has been improved to insure a good electrical contact between collector bars and cathode blocks.
One recent development is the High Performance Cathode Assemblies (HPCA) produced in collaboration between Carbone Savoie and Metsol. The contact between cathode blocks and collector bars is done with sealing paste, together with electrically compensating plates and contact plugs to improve current distribution and enhance vertical current.

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Elit, a new type of cathode for aluminium electrolysis

Elit, a new type of cathode for aluminium electrolysis

The document Development of a New Type of Cathode for Aluminium Electrolysis was presented at the 2016 ICSOBA Conference in Quebec. This is a new solution for aluminum plants seeking a block with intermediate properties between graphite cathodes and carbon cathodes....

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artificial graphite

Carbone Savoie is a French expert in synthetic graphite (i.e. artificial graphite) and carbon. It manufactures primarly cathode products for the aluminimum industry, carbon and graphite powders (and other anode materials for li-ion batteries), powders for lubricants and specialty graphite materials. It has 2 locations in Savoie and Rhône.

Please visit also our French website : Carbone Savoie, un expert en graphite synthétique.